What Will We Do Without Bob | Author Danny Goddard

What Will We Do Without Bob | Author Danny Goddard
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Pastor Danny Goddard has preached lots of funerals. He has delivered funeral messages for elderly saints of the church as well as newborn infants and children. He has laid to rest those who have succumbed to incurable diseases in addition to those who died as a result of tragic accidents. He has proclaimed the Hope of God’s Word at a time of loss in church sanctuaries, funeral homes, hospital chapels, and by open graves. Though the places and circumstances and even the victims have all been different, one thing has never changed: There is always someone who is left behind. What Will Do Without Bob is a book written for those someones. Bob Jung was Rev. Goddard’s organist at First Church of the Nazarene in Yukon, Oklahoma. At Mr. Jung’s committal service in an Oklahoma City cemetery, someone made the comment, “We all have a Bob who has died.” For you it may be a Mark or a Brad or a Becky or a Ramona. Regardless of the name, it was a person who was loved and is now sorely missed. Grief counselor, Dr. Harold Ivan Smith says, “This is an important book because God is always accompanying us through our grief and inviting us to a next. The great question is not ‘Why?,’ but ‘Now what?’” In order to help us cope with our loss, Rev. Goddard has tried to cover the gamut of grief and bereavement, but in a positive way. He encourages us to share some tears but gives permission to remember and reminisce. He pushes us to recognize our loneliness but still celebrate the holidays. He acknowledges that we all grieve at our own pace but God’s Holy Spirit wants to lead every step. According to Dr. Smith, “This book could only have been written by someone “well-acquainted” with grief … As you read this book ask the Spirit to touch your heart. … I think God wants to raise up grief-bearers through these pages. ‘God, what do you want to say to me through this pastor’s heart?’”
  • Author: Danny Goddard
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