The Greatest Commandment | Author: Marty Alan Michelson

The Greatest Commandment | Author: Marty Alan Michelson
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The Greatest Commandment explores core biblical and theological themes in an intentionally readable style with fresh, new insight. Using an important passage from the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) central to Jewish faith, The Greatest Commandment explores what this passage means for modern believers. With focus on Hebrew language and culture, coupled with a perspective that is attentive to Jesus in the New Testament, this sensitive book gives insight on how we should live. Though the book is intended to be simple, it offers deep, thoughtful insight into understanding what the New Testament refers to as The Greatest Commandment, gleaned from where it is originally found in Deuteronomy 6:4-9. The author uses academic insight, coupled with pastoral care in presenting these Biblical ideas that matter in everyday life. This book lives up to its subtitle, as it invites readers to learn afresh what it means to the love the LORD with their whole lives.


To all who want to walk their biblical talk, this book was written for you.

~ Patrick Allen, PhD is the Provost at George Fox University


Marty’s writings reveal the simple message of the Sh’ma, to love.  That message is what I have witnessed in Marty’s everyday life.  

~Trent Ward is CEO & President of WCT Resources


This is a must read for those wanting to faithfully fulfill the Lord’s instructions regarding their purpose.

~ Dr. Herbert Reynolds Davis is the Executive Vice President at Apex School of Theology


This book is a gracious reminder that we need to re-engage with the God who reveals Himself in this defining statement in Deuteronomy.

~ Jesse C Middendorf  is a General Superintendent for the Church of the Nazarene


With wit and clarity, Marty invites us to join him in re-discovering the spiritual basics of the Judeo-Christian tradition.  This book was extremely helpful to me, and I'm sure it will be helpful for you.

~ Adam Ericksen is the Educational Director for The Raven Foundation (


Bridges the gap that too often exists between the Academy and the Church . . . Marty combines the heart of a pastor and the scholarship of a professor.

~ Wendell Sutton is a Professor of Theology at Mid-America Christian University.


Here, at last, is a scholarly and applicable attempt to remind us of a spiritual truth long embraced by believing people groups over the centuries.

~ Kevin C. Rodgers is Executive Director at Reaching Our City (OKC, OK)


Dr. Michelson unpacks how our God desires us to engage with Him.  Read this book!

~ Rev. Rob R. Bollinger is Founder & President of Nehemiah’s Restoration, Inc. (Denver, CO)


Dr. Marty Michelson invites us, not to one fine dining establishment, but to a series of them. . . .  I recommend the feasts to those hungry to know God.

~ Paul Garverick is the Director of Religion Programs in the College of Adult & Professional Studies Indiana Wesleyan University.


An insightful & faithful reflection on the Sh’ma that will speak to the hearts & lives of many for generations to come.

~ Kimberly Jayne holds Masters Degrees in Theology & Education as she pursues her Ph.D. in Counseling.


This is a relevant message to the Church as it endeavors to engage an increasingly urban and global world.

~ Charles K. Barr J.R.  L.C.S.W. is a  School Social Worker & Therapist from Chicago.


Marty reveals how the central call from the Torah is for us to be passionately in love with God.  Wow!  Great stuff.

~ Howard Culbertson is author of Discovering Missions


In simple prose, inviting and conversational, Marty Michelson beckons us to listen for God’s Sh’ma.  Deeply sensitive to the nuances of Hebrew Scripture and shaped by its textures . ..

~ Michael Lodahl is Professor of Theology & World Religions at Point Loma Nazarene University

  • Author: Marty Alan Michelson
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