Telling the Truth With a Smile | Author: Jerry Pattengale

Telling the Truth With a Smile | Author: Jerry Pattengale
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Christmas Stories from the Buck Creek Series...

Jerry Pattengale (PhD, Miami, OH) likes to golf, but isn’t very good. He enjoys fishing, but no longer owns a pole. He loves music but is likely tone deaf. He enjoys sports but has asthma. And, he loves dogs but is allergic to them. Fortunately, he’s not allergic to his keyboard and has tickled the ears of his readers for a couple decades, that is, when he’s not engaged with more scholarly work. He was the founding director of The Green Scholars Initiative, associated with the new Museum of the Bible (DC), where in 2014 he became its first Executive Director of Education. In 2014, Indiana Wesleyan University named him its first University Professor. He also has distinguished appointments at Baylor University, Tyndale House-Cambridge; Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and The Sagamore Institute. He is the Exec. Dir. of National Conversations, Associate Publisher, Christian Scholar’s Review and a board member for Religion News Service and Yale University’s Jonathan Edwards Center. In addition to his many books, Jerry has contributed to various national venues, e.g., Books & Culture, Washington PostChicago Tribune, Christian Post, Christianity Today, Patheos, Inside Higher Ed and Wall Street Journal. He also speaks internationally on educational and ancient research topics, and has appeared in various televised, radio and printed interviews. His mantra is the fulcrum of his work presented in his McGraw-Hill books, “The dream needs to be stronger than the struggle.”

“To many Hoosiers, Jerry Pattengale has become the Garrison Keillor of their beloved state.  Take, read, smile, laugh and, when done, leave Jerry’s work on the doorstep of a hardened enemy (if needed, I fear I can loan you one or two).  You’ll soon make a friend and experience a good measure of the Christmas joy reflected in these pages.”

--Todd C. Ream teaches at Taylor University and, perhaps more importantly, has now called the Hoosier state home for over a decade.

  • Author: Jerry Pattengale
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