Such Great Faith | Author: Danny Goddard

Such Great Faith | Author: Danny Goddard
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In more than one place in the Gospels, Jesus expresses disappointment in His own disciples with His heart-piercing words, “O ye of little faith.” (Matthew 8:26, ASV) But in another place, He describes the belief of a Roman centurion with the words, “such great faith.” (Matthew 8:10, NKJV) We all start out with the disciples’ weak and timid kind of trust, but how do we get to the solid foundation of faith displayed by the stalwart soldier? Danny Goddard (Pastoral Care in Times of Death and Dying and What Will We Do Without Bob?) attempts to help us here. Saved at an altar of prayer, led to college in later years, called to preach in a pro wrestling ring, and having pastored for more than three decades, Goddard has faced faith issues with his congregations on a regular basis. But more than that, he has learned personally to live on a limb of faith, trusting God for the impossible.

  • Author: Danny Goddard
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