Leaderslip | Author: Dave Geenens

Leaderslip | Author: Dave Geenens
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Leaderslip presents one of the freshest, relevant, and most practical views of leadership just in time when business leadership thinking has become stale and when both the pace and nature of change in the world is accelerating. The 'Zoomers' are coming! Like Paul Revere's ride, failure to heed the warning could put you and your enterprise in peril. The leadership concept of Cooperative Competency© can change the fate and results of your enterprise. Sean Clouse, CEO of the IQ Group, writes, "If, as a leader, you wish to minimize the gap and tension between employees and management, you must consider the Cooperative Competency© methods set forth in LEADERSLIP. The paradigm shift will surely create outstanding long term results in your organization."

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