God Moments: in an ordinary life | Author: Debra Talley

God Moments: in an ordinary life | Author: Debra Talley
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Every traveling Southern Gospel artist has stories and experiences about their time on the road. Usually the public doesn't get to hear these stories. Over the years, Debra has written many short stories from her experiences and has kept most of those writings for herself to remind her that God is present every moment of every day. She is releasing these experiences in her first ever book titled "God Moments In An Ordinary Life." She writes, "Most of the lessons I have learned, in my life, have come, not from eloquent sermons or inspiring books, but from the unexpected moments in my ordinary days. God uses the simplest things to remind me that every day is an opportunity to experience Him. Over the years, I have written many stories from my experiences and have kept them for myself to remind me that He is present in every moment of every day. Now I am sharing them with you. As you read about my observations, inspirations, and experiences, I hope you will open your eyes, ears, and especially your heart to the God moments in your ordinary days."

  • Author: Debra Talley
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